The most exciting innovation for the fiber industry, crafters and fiber artists since the introduction of the loom.

YarnDancer is the first fully automated tool that eliminates the manual process of winding and pulling yarns and threads. And, only YarnDancer provides a fully integrated solution that simplifies every aspect of today’s crafters’ needs. Developed for the dedicated crafter/fiber artist, every YarnDancer is hand made using only the finest woods and materials and built to exact specifications. Available in fine colors and finishes the YarnDancer will complement any home or apartment. The TU-GO, a smaller version of the YarnDancer, was designed to be portable and used anywhere and where space is limited. Our Swifts not only complement the YarnDancer, they also offer unique designs not available elsewhere.


The YarnDancer Family: The YarnDancer, Tu-Go & Accessory Box

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The YarnDancer

A truly remarkable new product that promises years of crafting enjoyment. All YarnDancer models maintain a core attractive design, offer a choice of woods, colors and finishes and all deliver the consistant results that automation produces.


The Tu-Go

Now you can take your project with you wherever you go. We’ve slimmed down the YarnDancer without compromising on functionality. The Tu-Go will fit easily into most totes so you can readily use it wherever you wish.


Accessory Box

As with any fine product, a matching accessory has always been popular. For the YarnDancer we designed an Accessory Box that will hold those crafting necessities and YarnDancer components.